Water Filtration System Loans

Water is an essential part of our daily lives. When people think about water filtration systems, they usually think of cooking and drinking water. But the truth is that water reaches into many other corners of our homes. From cleaning to washing clothes to the sprinklers, water systems determine how clean our water is – or isn’t. Chemicals, toxins, bacteria and viruses – there are many different contaminants that can get into our home’s water supply.

Water filtration can remove all these harmful elements, so that your whole home’s water supply is purified before it makes its way out of your faucets, shower heads and hoses. A water purification system loan can help homeowners purchase and install a system for cleaner, healthier water today, without waiting.

What Do Water Filters Remove From Your Water?

Water treatment systems can remove a number of harmful elements from your water supply. Water purification systems can remove:

  • Physical Contaminants: Sediment and organic material can get into your water as it makes its way to your faucets.

  • Biological Contaminants: Think bacteria, viruses and parasites – yuck!

  • Chemical contaminants: Man-made and natural chemicals can leach into your water, like nitrogen, pesticides and other toxins.

  • Radiological contaminants: Uranium and plutonium can be found in water, especially well water.

When you’re shopping for a water filter system, the first thing to decide is whether to use a point-of-use or whole home water purification system. This will help you decide on the amount of your loan for your water filtration system.

A point-of-use water filter system filters the water in your home right before it comes out the faucet. Most of these are installed under sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. These filters will remove the elements from your water so that it is clean to drink. However, a point-of-use water filter system will have a certain flow rate – the maximum capacity of water it can output at a time. For this reason, you’ll want to think about whether you’ll need a high-flow or low-flow water filter, based on the water use that particular faucet gets.

Whole home water purification systems also have a flow rate – of course, much faster than a single point-of-use faucet. But it will still be limited to a certain output, and you will want to secure a water filtration system loan for the specific water filter system you need based on your home’s unique usage. Whole home water filters are also referred to as “point of entry” water filters, since they are installed at the main water line. You can look at old bills to see what your water usage is like.

It’s also helpful to think about how many appliances like washing machines and dishwashers you typically run at the same time. For many homeowners, a combination of point-of-use and whole home water filters is the best solution. The typical goal is to have good water for washing and cleaning, great water for bathing and perfect water for cooking and drinking. In the city, they might install a point-of-entry/whole home water filtration system to remove chemicals and odors, then use point-of-use water filters in the kitchen for drinking water purification and in the bathroom for water softening. This is a cost-effective and smart way to get the best possible water for each situation.

Water filtration systems can be a great addition to a home. The health benefits of drinking pure water are pretty obvious, but there are also less well-known benefits. For example, chlorine is a common chemical used to disinfect our water. Chlorine helps protect us from pathogens in the water that can cause diseases with symptoms like vomiting and upset stomach. However, chlorine can also build up and interact with other chemicals in the water and in pipes, causing byproducts that could be harmful (some might even be cancer-causing).

We continue to use chlorine and other disinfectants because the risk from disease is worse than the risk from the disinfectant byproducts – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea to install a water filtration system in your home to remove everything that could be a risk to your and your family’s health. A water purification system at the point-of-use for your drinking water can remove these potentially harmful disinfectant by-products, so that you are not drinking contaminated water.

How to Get Water Filtration System Financing With Less Than Perfect Credit

Water filtration systems can be expensive. When considering different models, it’s important to take into account the maintenance and replacement factors of the water filter system. Some water filters last much longer than others, which can add up to real savings over time. The best way to choose a system is to have your water tested (you can order at-home kits). The kit will let you know what elements are in your water: these depend on the location and age of your home, the types of pipes and many other factors. Once you know what your situation is, you can start removing those harmful elements right away with the right filter for your needs and water usage.

Water filtration system financing can help homeowners get the system they need today, without a long wait. After filling out the online application, you will be matched with a loan from our network of lenders, designed for your specific financial situation. The funds will be sent directly to the merchant or contractor, so you can pay for the water purification system and installation you want right away.

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