Home Automation

For Borrowers:

Many homeowners see home automation as more than a matter of convenience. Home automation can be an investment in the security and safety of your home. Many devices on the market today allow you to view security footage and monitor your security system remotely. Once the stuff of science fiction, these are becoming standard features that homeowners across America rely on to keep their homes secure.

Home automation devices can also help you save on heating and cooling costs. The U.S. Department of Energy tells us that heating and cooling accounts for almost half of your home’s energy use. By automating your home with a smart thermostat, you can save about 10-12% per year on energy costs.

Home automation loans make it easy to take advantage of the benefits you get from updating your home sooner than later. With home automation financing opening up your options, you can get the best return on installing smart devices.

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For Businesses:

Home automation financing can help your customers get the upgrades to their home’s security, heating and cooling systems that they want today, without a wait. With funds disbursed directly to the contractor, home automation loans are a way to expedite the project and get started right away. United National Credit connects homeowners, including those with less than perfect credit, to the right lender for their unique situation. Offering your customers home improvement financing options increases sales and helps grow your business.

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