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Reliable, experienced and flexible. United National Credit is the perfect partner for retail merchants and home improvement contractors who want to offer financing to their customers.

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Why Partner with United National Credit

When you partner with United National Credit, you open up financing options for your customers. We handle the administrative work connecting customers, including those with less than perfect credit, to a lender in our network. Home improvement financing can help homeowners get the upgrades or repairs they need as soon as possible to improve the value of their home. The funds of the loan are sent directly to you. If you’re a contractor, this frees your team up to start purchasing materials and get started right away on the project.

Retailers can empower their customers to start enjoying their desired purchases today, without waiting. Whether they want to get started learning a musical instrument or purchase the perfect wedding dress for their special day, customers from a variety of financial backgrounds can be matched with the right lender for their unique situation. By handling the administrative part of offering financing, United National Credit frees up business owners to focus on growing other important parts of their company.
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How Offering Financing Drives Sales

Close More Deals

Financing through United National Credit opens up a new customer base for your business. These customers want to make the purchases or start the projects they want today, then pay the balance off through affordable monthly payments over time. By offering more financing options than your competitors, your business can capture this market.

Close Bigger Deals

Customers who want to combine remodeling projects or upgrade to an energy-saving home automation device won’t have to settle for less. With a loan from United National Credit’s network of lenders, customers can get the perfect solution for their needs.

Receive Funds Directly

Loans for retail and home improvement projects are disbursed directly to the Retailer or Merchant. This allows you to get started with projects or ship right away, without wasting your time waiting.

Grow Your Business

When customers are empowered to get the right solution for their retail purchases and home improvement projects, they’re more likely to return for repeat business. Happy customers leave great reviews online and tell their friends and family about the stellar service they received.