Landscaping Financing and Home Improvement

Landscaping is a fun and rewarding way to add value to your home. The average American household spends around $3500 on landscaping financing – in California, that spikes to $6000. Larger projects like deck installation or patio construction can cost a lot more, of course. When homeowners don’t want to use cash or dip into savings, landscaping financing can be the perfect option.

There are so many ways to transform your home into your dream environment. For some people, that’s a garden with moss, stepping stones and babbling creek. For others, it’s a well-appointed outdoor kitchen with an island and dining area for hosting. Everyone has that perfect picture in their head of the ideal outdoor space for them to enjoy their favorite activities.

Whether you’re looking to create a refuge for relaxation, a creative play area for your children, the perfect social hub – or all three! – landscaping financing can help make those dreams a reality today. Outdoor project loan funds go directly to the contractor, allowing homeowners to start their desired home improvements using quick and easy financing.

Most Popular Home Improvement Projects for Landscaping Loans

Improving The Beauty of Your Home

Landscaping can have a huge impact on your home’s value. Homeowners can increase their home’s value on average from 4.4 to 12.7% through landscaping projects. The biggest selling point is a manicured look to a yard. Clean lines between different areas, like a sharp edge between grass and mulch, are key factors to having that perfect, geometric look that will raise the home’s value. Trimming the lawn edges to a crisp line and adding splashes of color with flowers are simple things that contribute to the overall look. The most important part of the process is the master plan. Whether you’re making a few changes or overhauling everything, a master plan will help guide the purchases and makes sure you end up with a thoughtful and functional design.

Enjoying a More Relaxing Yard

A garden can be a refuge. A quiet place to think, relax and take time for yourself. This is one of the most popular goals for garden projects. Homeowners want to create a space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A secluded nook is the perfect place to read, journal and rest after a busy day. Planning your landscaping project around this special space is a great way to get the results you want when your goal is to enjoy a more relaxing yard.

Once you decide on the location for the nook, you’ll want to add comfortable furniture that suits your desired activity. For example, a swing bench for a couple to chat on, a small desk to write on the patio or a lounge chair for naps in the sun are all potential items for the home improvement project. The decorative elements of your zen refuge can be so much fun to plan. Water features like fountains are both beautiful to look at and create a lovely soundscape in the background that is very soothing. Wind chimes are another element that both look and sound lovely. Stepping stones, moss and pastel flowers create a calming environment where you can unwind and appreciate your home as a sanctuary.

Creating Fun for Families

A backyard can be the backdrop of a hundred childhood memories. Treehouses become pirate ships and playhouses double as rockets when children have the space and environment to play freely. Creative, imaginary and outdoor play is very beneficial for children. From Vitamin D to stronger bones and better motor skills, outdoor play has many benefits that can help kids be healthier and happier throughout childhood.

Parents who want to create the perfect family yard don’t have to get the most expensive and expansive playsets. Natural features can be just as enticing to kids. Children want to run, jump, swing and hide. Logs, stumps and sandboxes can provide hours of entertainment and activity while blending into a natural design. Grass provides a place for children to tumble, kick a ball or play catch with their parents. Dividing up the yard into different areas for the members of the family is a great way to make space for memories for years to come.

Can You Get Landscaping Loans with Less Than Perfect Credit?

Many homeowners rely on home improvement loans to finance their landscaping projects. With the average costs in the thousands, landscaping projects often involve a lot of decisions about long-term features. Some decisions can end up saving money in the long run, like installing a more efficient irrigation system. Others are time-sensitive, like planting trees that can mature over the next decade or so, adding value to the home that increases over time. A landscaping loan can help homeowners make the best decisions for their unique situation, even with less than perfect credit.

United National Credit works with a network of lenders to match homeowners with the right loan for them. The funds go directly to the merchant or contractor for your landscaping project. Many homeowners appreciate the flexibility of paying back the loan over time through affordable monthly payments, instead of tapping into savings. Loans for gardens and landscaping projects let homeowners start investing in the value of their home and creating precious memories today. To get started, fill out our easy online application form.